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Update time.

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Almost done with night time. Once I'm finished completing the night phase of the game, I'll be 'done' with the engine. I still have to get the streetlights turned on, as well as dynamic lighting on gunshots, sirens, etc.

Headlights are finished and implemented for all 30 vehicles [save for any minor luminance map adjustments]. I removed backward projection artifacts as well, and made some optimizations to the whole headlight system.

I'm really happy that I re-wrote the visibility determination system (or rather actually WROTE one] for the actors/objects/vehicles. It increased the game's frame rate by at least 50%. Because of the way I setup the city I can get away with very cheap ray casts in some situations, and this really helped me to speed the whole game up.

Again a overview of the stuff implemented for the night phase:
- Luminance maps for all buildings/vehicles
- Projected headlights for vehicles
- 1000s of dynamic lights/streetlights [nearest light lookup + projected textures]
- Post process bloom [using the luminance maps]
- General light system for entity lighting, gunshots, sirens, etc.

So yea. I'm happy with the way it's coming together. Overall I'm still chiseling away at the visual artifacts in night mode. I've pretty much got it under control now, I just need to implemented streetlights. Should be done tomorrow.

Check these screens out, and let me know what you think!

[Sorry if these appear a little dark, once I get streelights implemented things should lighten up a bit ;-)]


//I'm a fan of this headlight effect, if you couldn't tell.


//I had to add a custom version of this car into the game, with the headlights raised up.

//Lead sled.

//Armored car.

- Dan
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Crazy shit! Now, imagine how reflections on the wet tarmac would look like. Well, I guess weather effects will be added in Gang Wars 2. You should leave some features out anyway, or else the game will turn out to be way too awesome and nobody will play anything else again.

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And that is good or bad? [smile]

Seriously, those screens look like Grand-Theft auto, and I mean....Thats 3rd-person...If your game is and RTS, then...WOW...!!

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Gaheris - You're gonna add weeks to my schedule lol. *Must resist temptation to add dynamic weather effects*...*gahhh*...that would look awesome though.

Samsonite - Yup, well the game is a Action/RTS game so I had to add a certain level of detail, but also make it scale up to the RTS scale in one package. Mix in the 24 hour day cycle, and it was a interesting challenge.

- Dan

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Sorry about that. ;-) As cool as it would be and I know it would be kick-ass, I think there are more important things to do than rain, snow and thunderstorms. Sniff.

Would you mind telling me a bit more about the visibility determination method you used? Some kind of occlusion culling? That would be very nice.

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Woooooow. That really looks like a night in the city, even with no streetlights. Maybe you could have an option to cut power to a certain part of the city to better ambush someone, or to distract the police...but that would be adding more time till we get to play the game. Man, this is going to be cool. By the way, notice my post icon?

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Any chance we can get a few shots comparing things with and without anisotropic filtering? I'm curious about a little something in your shots and want to see if my suspicion is right [smile]

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Although the thought of skidding around in a high-speed chase through heavy rain is exciting, I'd save it for GW2. The game looks great as it is! The city at night without the lights has a very creepy feel. I can see dark alleys at night giving a very foreboding feel to the game. ;-)

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Guess I missed these comments...I doubt anyone will read this but I'll write it anyways :-D

Texas Brigade - I suppose you'd have to first intimidate the power company under your control, then you could shut off power to a grid of the city.

ApochPiQ - Sure I'll first implement anisotropic filtering and then get back to you on that one :-) It would probably help the game out a lot.

coderx75 - I appreciate it man :-D

superpig - The lights at night don't cast any shadows :-( That would have been a crucial undertaking, maybe in GW2 :-D I'll be targeting SM4.0 cards by then lol.

- Dan

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