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M.A.U. Invasion Combat Card Game

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I took a break from programming my game, and decided to create a card game. It was a lot of fun putting it together, drawing on ideas from the computer game I'm making. It's not a computer card game, but a play on a large table-top game. Anyone who's interested in checking it out, I've made it a digital purchase, so people can download, print-out, cut-out and play! (Rules download for free)


I've decided that the M.A.U. Invasion game will be in a number of game-formats, from the computer game (I'm still hoping to have a playable working level demo by the end of August) to boardgames and card games. I might make a computer version of the card games as well at some point.

Making the card game also gave me lots of new ideas for features in my computer game. One of my favourite cards is the STOMP card that lets an M.A.U. step on infantry, in addition to any weapon attacks that turn. I think I'll definitely add that to the game, so M.A.U.'s can walk through squares where infantry are, and the infantry are squished :) Of course, people's infantry should be inside an APC when they're outside buildings, on the battlefield. Perhaps I should let Heavy M.A.U.'s squish little vehicles too :)

Anyhow, the next week or so I won't be working much on any of my games, as I'm moving house. I tend to get rather unorganised when moving all my stuff to a new place :)
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Ah great, now you're sorely tempting me to work on my own card game, something I keep forgetting is something I've always wanted to do!

Can't remember if I've replied in your journal, but nice work all round from what I've seen. It's also nice to see another Aussie around in the journals too!

Just for interest, how well do printable card games sell over the internet?

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To answer, the game's only been up for sale for a few days now, but I've sold a couple copies. I've been told that it can be rather hit or miss with selling downloadable card games online unless you can market it well. At the moment I'm just trying to get it noticed as much as possible around the net by people who are into this sort of thing. A few other downloadable card game makers have said their games do well, but others said they barely sold anything.

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Seems to make sense. Getting enough people to know of your game's existance is the main challenge of on-line selling.

You can always bribe someone famous to put a mention in their blog [grin].

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