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My first attempt at keeping a dev journal.

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So here I am at work, I just signed up for GDNet+, like many others my main motivation to sign up was to support GameDev which through the years has been a great source of information.

Not many people here know me, in fact, probably no one does. I've never been the kind of guy that spends a lot of time in forums, at least not writing in them, I do read a lot of posts that catch my eye on here, but usually people beat me to replying with a solution.

Also, the fact that the project I'm working on is getting close to being done doesn't give me much time to do anything, other than work. I haven't gone surfing (in the ocean, not the web) in months, I sure miss it. I might just say 'fuck it' on sunday and go, it'll be a good way to unwind and release some of the pressure.

Don't get me wrong, I love making games professionally, especially the project I'm on. But it sure is a lot of work, so much work in fact, that I no longer play as many games as I used to. And when the game I'm working on comes out, I wonder if I'll have time to play it. I'll have to make time because it's going to be an awesome game. And yes, I am biased, but it's not like I made the whole game, there are levels that I haven't even seen, or that I've only seen glimpses of and they just look amazing.

Ok, it's time to go grab some lunch. Damn, I didn't bring money to get a soda from the vending machine.
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