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Food for thought.

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Watching Washu argue with a newbie is like watching a black bear argue with a piece of steak.

We salute you, oh lord of tentacly goodness.
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Original post by MustEatYemen
damn you, you made me actually scroll back in my gamedev log to see some of that :P

Yeah, me too[grin]

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Washu was tearing up someone who was looking for C++ advice. Apparently he'd gone to a C++ camp and knew everything about C++ except that <iostream.h> and <iostream> were different, and for(;;) is an infinite loop (among others).

I came in late; DevLiquidKnight told me about it so he should be able to tell you more of what happened. The #gamedev regulars were on him like glue, though Washu was definitely belting out the smackers after the aforementioned newbie started saying that C++ was the "only" language for games. [lol]

I left after he stormed out of the room and swore that he would be back in 15 minutes with a Hangman game. At least I think that's what he said.

...did he ever come back?

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You guys have it all wrong...

i am the noob that was asking for help. First Washu never flamed me. He was helping me. I never thought i was mr c++ master seeing how the reason i went on that chat was to ask for some help. I never said, "c++ is the only language for games", i said it was the most widely used for games...

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