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War Angels APC

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Poo Bear


Hamish - War Angels
Seeing I haven't updated in ages, here's some new screenshots (click for big):

War Angels APC 1

War Angels APC 12

War Angels APC 3

In these you can see a new APC enemy I've added, which can be equipped with a turret to turn it into a light tank (screenshots will be up when I finish it). You can also see a new version of the HUD which has been adapted to fit in with the new inventory system. There's 6 slots for weapons or items, a weapon (gun) and item (health kit, grenade, missile, other) can be equipped at the same time so you can throw grenades and shoot missiles while firing your primary weapon. There's also a few more interesting items like the personal teleporter which I'll get onto later.

I'll make some more updates on the game very shortly with some much-needed info about the game like the weapons you can use, the enemies and obstacles you'll be facing, how the game plays out and more. If anyone would like to see me update about something now is the time to ask.
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YAY! War Angels is looking stunning as usual.

I assume the APC is a 3D object of some kind, but the texturing makes it look like a painted model from one of the Warhammer tabletop games; very detailed and battle-worn, not sterile and militaristic like most videogames. I really like it.

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