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I'm alive

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Just a quick "hello" to prove that I am still alive, even if I have been largely ignoring computers and the internet.

Yes, you did read that correctly, I've been quite happily avoiding computers.

At a guess I've used a PC on average from 5-10hrs a day every day for the last couple of years (not helped by a 9-5 job parked behind a laptop though). Without any particularly conscious decision I've been completely ignoring the two PC's in my house. It makes for a pleasant change - I recommend it [grin]

Anyway, stuff you might actually be interested in...

I finished Exceptional C++ and added my review to GDNet. Sutter adds lots of tips as box-outs in the text that I'm working through summarising and writing down. I've got paper notes from Meyers' books that I find very useful - whilst I'd like to think most of it bleedingly obvious I've caught myself out more than a few times. Flesh out the structure for an application and then flick through the notes and see if you've ignored any of the pearls of wisdom in those books. Then I kick myself, correct the mistakes and carry on.

I was thinking about posting my notes here for all to read, but I'm not sure if that violates copyright [oh] If anyone thinks they'd like said notes and that it isn't illegal then I'll post them in a future entry.

I've also been working on the Forum FAQ. I seem to be stuck in a never-ending "nearly there" state of completion.

In writing up the "redistribution" FAQ section I realised how damned easy it is to integrate DirectXSetup with VStudio's deployment template. I'll still accept the argument over file sizes, but I can no longer accept "difficulty" as any sort of prohibitive factor when it comes to bodging up the installer. I got it working AND wrote the accompanying FAQ entry in under 20 minutes.

Do you get it? It's a catfish! [lol]

That is all.
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I don't think making notes counts as a copyright violation; you're not copying verbatim but merely rephrasing it in your own words. It might count as plagiarism, but that's not illegal.

I want the notes.

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