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Surgery robots!

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This is almost too cool not to include in a videogame.

In other news, my Macbook Pro goes back for service. It turns out my graphical artifacts under Windows XP are probably a hardware edge case due to the rough-and-tumble ATI drivers for Windows as opposed to the exceptionally conservative oh-god-if-this-thing-lights-on-fire-the-oversensitive-starving-artist-Photoshop-users-are-going-to-make-a-documentary-about-it driver for OS X, and so they're going to replace the entire motherboard, and the inverter while they're at it since a new revision of both is available.

So I'll be without Intel Mac goodness for a couple of days. [crying]

But luckily I just found a copy of Freelancer at a discount shop on my lunch break. So I'll be playing that! Keer! Keer! FSHOOOOOOOOM
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Original post by Ravuya
Darkstar One is a space RPG? I thought it was a shitty first person shooter like that Half-Life mod.

Shitty first person shooter. Isn't the 'shitty' implied? :) I have to hate on 3D stuff now after my rant last night.

Freelancer was a fun game, had some interesting game mechanics behind it. I always wanted to do a game like Wing Commander/Freespace/Freelancer, but as I pointed out in my journal I do suck at math, and computers are hard.

Perhaps I should do a 2D one? :)

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I kind of sort of started on a 2D one (linky, sort it by date) but I kind of gave up on it since I didn't write the game engine the right way (exceptionally difficult to change star systems, upgrade your ship, and the store was an enormous hack).

I did get pretty far, though -- you can fly around, mine asteroids if you have a mining laser equipped, buy a better ship, and exploit the crappy physics engine.

I'd like to come back to it one day, but with a mouse driven UI and a proper design.

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