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Laugh it up!

public class FogOfWar {
private Dictionaryint>>> FogMap = new Dictionaryint>>>();

// ...

I've finished pretty much all of the non-game specific stuff, leaving a few days in my goal to re-fit Moe. The UI stuff got less fiddling than I wanted, which will be revisited.... later. Also there's a bit of moe changes that didn't get caught in the last backup. Those two will likely delay the schedule a little, but it's better to take the time than to half-ass something and pay for it ever after.
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I hate templates, if C++ wasnt flawed as much as it is, they wouldnt be required anyways :-p

But good job and good luck man

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Original post by Ravuya
Repeat after me:

...typedef is my friend. Typedef makes things readable. I should endeavour to use typedef often.



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