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I'm just about to head off to a meeting, and I doubt this coffee will be able to keep me awake through it. Tossing and turning all night isn't a good thing.

Now, when I went for my usual walk with my father last night we started getting talking about my younger brother. For his whole life he's been called stupid, and was taught half-assed by teachers who didn't want to help him. Everyone has always putting the kid down telling him that he couldn't do something, just because to doctor said 10 years ago that he has mild brain damage. Now he's 15, a cleaver kid but he lacks all the foundation he needed when he was younger. He's getting a much better at reading, but still can't write very well. His math skills are getting much better and it seems he can play with numbers a lot easier then he can with words. I had a talk with him last night after the walk, and told him just this. I think he should go back to a night school of some sort to work out the foundation while he's still sane, because this will only haunt him for years if he doesn't. I also told him is that he's been told so much that he can't do something that he actually believes it, and I don't think its right for anyone to put down a kid like that.

I know he probably won't be able to do this, but I've decided to take it upon myself to teach him a little foundation of his own. As his big brother, and someone who he's always looked up to I've up until now turned a blind eye to him. So I'm going to be helping him out a little bit, he's at the point where he can spell for the most part but with a little trouble. But if he can remember cheat codes off by heart he can remember members and objects. I'm going to be sitting down with him for a month and teaching him a little C#, now I myself have never done C# however I have worked with the .NET interface. I'm going to try and make a game with him and his friend, they both seem interested and I think it will be good if he can gain a bit more confidence in himself.
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Ah, that's rough. Public school is shitty.

Honestly, I think .NET is probably a good place to start, but if it doesn't quite work out DarkBasic (and the other 'Game Basics') are a good way to teach significant logical skills and produce decent games.

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To be honest I don't think many of the teachers actually belong in their position, if they're going to ignore the kids I don't see why they take the position.

I also think .NET would be a good start, maybe Visual Basic would be a better place to start from. But I'm going to try C# and see how it goes. Now, to figure out what game I should make with him.

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