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Ok, some Kult House updates:

- The bobbing folder graphic now become "highlighted" when mouseover'd.
- The thumbnail system is now in place! The galleries definitely look way nicer with working thumbnails.

Now I just need to finish that damn About section.

Oh, PS: I have a weird problem that only occurs on the Safari browser. For whatever reason, when moving the mouse over any folder icon in the Work section, the folder will "bob up", but it will never "bob back down" when the cursor leaves it. The up/down functions are executed in the DIV's onMouseOver and onMouseOut states, so I have no idea why Safari doesn't seem to like onMouseOut. Does anyone have any information on this?
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Hm, the buttons show up but once the mouse moves over one of them, it disappears. I'm using IE 6.0... other than that, it looks awsome :)

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