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head in the clouds

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QRebound and I have been really busy lately with numerous things, but the thing that I've poured a lot into lately is the cloud system.

Clouds have three requirements:

  • They have to be randomly genorated

  • They have to be completely 3d, as in you can fly through them

  • They have to be beleivable as clouds

And I beleive that I've acheived all of those quite efficiently,

What I used for rendering the clouds I genorate with a rather simple algorithm I just pulled out of my ass, is a particle system. Each cloud is a particle system for which I had to write a particle emitter addon for OGRE and all.

Ok enough rambling... A few days and plenty of bugfixes later I ended up with this:

The clouds vary in size, shape, number of particles, and particle opacity.

And just for the record, you should have seen me freak out when I saw that one of the clouds looked like a dog. It went something like, "OMFG this cloud looks like a DOG and real clouds sometimes look like stuff!!!131E@!$q123"

EDIT: that screenshot's about a day out of date, the clouds look a bit better now, but not much I can do without stepping into the land of light scattering =P.
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I before E in achieve and believe :)

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For those of you interested in whats next, i will be finishing up the impostering system for models that are far away, and then i am going to write a specialized impostering for clouds that will add multiscattered lighting :)

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