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Well today was a pretty fun day. The physics system in Breakout Returns works fairly okay... Not at the peek that I want it though. Atleast it is okay enough to play some solid games once you get the movement down. :) I still have a few bugs with some aspects, but I'll be waiting until I finish up the other features of the game before I go on the flipside to enhance performance to tweek things.

I've implemented most of the Challenge Mode system and so far, it's pretty fun. Right now as it stands, since there are only 7 levels, I don't want to make it incredibly easy to get through all of them. You have one life, one minute (subject to change with further testing and features), and every color equals a unique score. Once your time runs out or you've managed to destroy the blocks on your first ball, your score is added and you advance to the next level.

One minute may not sound like enough, but, if I find a way to get under 1 minute and to destroy all of the blocks, then it remains at 1 minute. Which, I have. It is challenge mode.

I also have some unique things planned for the release of Breakout Returns. So hold on tight for that word. :)

Things to still do:
-[] Implement Font System
-[] Implement Audio System
-[] Implement Option Menu
-[] Implement Power-up System
-[] ?Implement Effects? *sparks*, *breaking blocks*, etc.
-[] Polish Everything, over, and over, and over.

What do you think? Think it would be cool to watch the block that you just hit shatter? Or the ball sending sparks off of the wall when it hits? I'm not quite sure how I would do them(efficiently), so I am open to advise from some experienced coders.

Take Care,
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