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Yay, I'm finally posting something game-related! So, I'm starting to illustrate all of the character designs for my fighter, and I started with Sin. He's silent and pissed-off, and essentially stands around like he can give two flying craps about what is going on, but when he attacks it will be fast, flashy, wild, and very airborne. There is going to be a certain mystery about him - he's evil, but only a young kid, and not much else is known about him except the headphones..never come off.

I'll post more as I make them.
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Heh, that reminds me of a character I made while practicing my cartooning skills; wearing similar clothes and also had the permanent headphones gimmick. Of course yours looks a lot better though; very nice!

The hands might be a little small though, unless he's leaning backwards. Or maybe that's just me; I like exaggerated heads, hands and feet.

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