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There was another event in SCO today, and it was fucking awesome. Basically, it was capture the flag. A couple GM's were the flags (first nation to kill the opposing GM wins), and we hid them on a specified map right on the border, as the other nation did the same.

Then all hell broke loose. But the good kind of hell. You know. Yeah.

All in all, it was so awesome I didn't realize that F12 prints screenshots. I thought it was prntscrn. So instead of sharing the one last screenie that was still in the buffer that I took of my medals from the kills (LOL! I got a Veteran Killmark, which is awarded for killing a level 60 or 70 or something insanely high - I'm up to a whopping 11 kills, which is pretty good considering basically all of them were 10-20 levels higher than my level 32 self) I'll just describe how awesome it was:

It was awesome.
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You didn't mention the fact that I was there, fighting alongside you (figuratively speaking). I am deeply hurt. Oh, and I scored some rockin' cool kills, too, everybody! Hooray for me!

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