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Blocky Man & C# shananigoats!

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Well, I started on the Blocky Man player code today, but am not near finishing it. Tomorrow, I plan to sit down and do alot of coding for the game. That means you can probably expect a screenshot of Blocky Man in the game tomorrow.

As I may or may not have mentioned (probably not), while working on my games, I have been teaching myself C#. Now obviously earlier, I actually tried to make a game using C#, and ended up switching. That was not knocking C# at all, it's just that I felt I should work with something I'm more experienced with.

I now have a pretty basic knowledge of C#. When I was working earlier on Earthman in C#, I did feel very comfortable using it. However, using SDL.Net was never my objective when learning C# (although it is very good). Actually, I'm more interested in Managed DirectX. As the next step in my education, I plan on reading this book. Eventually, once I learn enough about Managed DirectX, I would like to attempt a very basic FPS game.

Speaking of First Person shooters, my older brother and I are planning on entering a local Halo 2 tournament. We've been playing quite frequently lately, and thought we would give it a try. I usually wouldn't, but I hear there is apparently a cash prize involved (although the exact amount, I don't know). I think this will be may first game tournament, although I might have been in a Goldeneye tournament a few years back.

I consider Halo 2 a great multiplayer game. Well, except for the fact that 70% of the players are complete idiots, and 20% are under the age of 10. If you can get past that, it's pretty fun. However, the single player really sucks.

Anyway, the tournament is in three days, so wish us luck. We have to pay $25 just to play, so we had better win[lol]
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I've read that book. I liked it: informative and to the point. Just a heads up: it helps to have a tiny bit of experience with 3D graphics prior to the book. Things such as matrices aren't explained.

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I was afraid of that. However, I do have several other books on different APIs that explain the basic concepts, so I can read those too.

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Well, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Really the math level of the book is extremely low compared to other books. Just think of matrices as mysterious objects that represent linear transformations with multiplication and you'll be fine. [wink]

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I've come to the conclusion that SDL (and therefore SDL.NET) will always be a buggy and slow library....

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I understand most concepts of 3D programming, except, probably the most important one. My biggest problem is with transforming a scene from an object at (0, 0, 0) to where their "real world" position will be. See, I'm probably explaining it wrong.

I enjoy working with SDL, but I think I'm ready to move on to MDX soon.

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3D math primer looks like something I should pick up. Perhaps I should even buy and read that book before going into learning Direct3D.

Well, I'll pick it up eventually, because I have problems understanding 3D programming.

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