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Here's another character I created, tentatively named Turner Tempo. He's supposed to be gargantuan in size - probably the tallest character in the game. And despite what you might think, he's not fast or insanely agile (like Vega, for instance) but rather slow-moving and extremely powerful.

Any feedback on these as I post them would be great.
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I hate to see good posts uncomment on, nice work buddy. What is this for by the way? I got no C&C, your work still astounds me. [smile]

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I'm fleshing out a fighting game - and basically trying to create some really interesting characters with really innovative fighting styles. My biggest goal here is to make it a 3D fighter that looks and plays like a 2D one. I generally hate 3D fighters, as they feel sluggish and cautious. I'm going to eventually model these designs and create some snappy animations, much akin to a sprite sheet.

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