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In Mother Russia, you screw computer!

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I really hate my fucking machine, #$(@$%&@%#(*) %$*)&#@$() #$(*)&)(#$ !$#)(*@#$*)(& @$#*)(&))(@#!$)&)*&$(*&@$#@#$. This is driving me absolutly nuts, and I still can't solve the problem. I swapped out my OCZ Plat 2GB chips for a 512 chip to see if I can remove all of these damned hardware interrupts. No, I can't -- crap.

As seen here there may be a possible solution
Quote by: Zray
So I did a re-install this weekend, I switched from the nforce raid to the Silicon Image raid, reformatted, partitioned with maxtor's disk management tools before the windows install, and then installed XP with the SI raid driver disk. The installation went without a hitch, and all the updates went completely smoothly. The system is now working great, no hardware interrupts or intermittent display lagging.

The nforce SATA raid drivers provided with the Asus support CD that came with the a8n-sli deluxe motherboard appear to be faulty with this configuration. It would appear that using the Silicon Image SATA raid is the best option until ASUS or nVidia or whoever can provide updated driver files for the driver disk.

I'd like to benchmark the system now and double-check if there is any residual weirdness that may still exist, is there any really good benchmark/systems diagnostic freeware any of you might recommend?

I'm really hoping that this will solve my problem, the only problem is that I'm a software person and don't know a whole lot about hardware and the drivers for them. I got to go about changing this driver, because after spending from 6PM to 1AM after work for 3 days I'm really not interested in using this machine anymore. I can put up with the CPU affinity, but this, this is just CANCER. Painful malignant cancer, cancer of the testicles ... and anus.

On a happy note (as opposed to my non-happy testicle and anal cancer) I finally got by second monitor. Wooooo! Wooo Wo ...

Meet my two little friends, VX922 and his twin brother. After I got the second monitor it was suggested by my parents that I get a third, I replied "Only if you pay for it", and they quickly left. Money sucks, especially if you spend all of it on education, strippersand booze.

I can't wait to get back to Ottawa...
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Original post by Trapper Zoid
Are you using Nintendos as monitor stands? What about the traditional phone books?

It astounds me that out of everything I posted the most likely thing that would be pointed out would be the nintendo. Yeah, two NES's. The one on the left is broken, but the one on the right works fine. I've found through extensive investigation that the high that the NES provides is perfect for my desk level. Plus, the majority of us use the phonebook and it isn't very thick. Eventually I'm going to upgrade this system and get a good adjustable dual monitor stand.

I thought at least someone would laugh or be disgusted that I have malignant testicle and anal cancer.

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