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Made several fixes to the force fields, including making the spikes show up better, and being smarter about choosing the quad orientation.

I also added reflectivity. It's a cool effect, but not super-useful gameplay-wise right now, because it's hard to set up the force field exactly at the right angle, especially in combat.

It is useful, though, and fun, to set up the shield during or just before combat. I find it best to set it up in a doorway.

If you are on the right side of a door way, before entering, face left, and shoot once straight out into the door jamb, or a bit lower than straight out, then shoot down in the jamb near the floor, then along the line of the door half way towards you on the floor. 3 shots in a line in the plane of the doorway. This creates a nice force field for you to use to shoot at the enemies while reducing their ability to hit you.

Right now the AI is too pessimistic about when to shoot if it doesn't have a perfect shot, so we will tweak that for sure.

Force fields are cool.

I also fixed some camera issues, where the camera would very rarely pop behind a wall if your char was in a tight spot. It now starts the camera sphere at the last frame's position before trying to move it into position, and that seems to have fixed it.

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