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For the past couple of hours I decided I would implement a font system into Breakout Returns. I wanted something a little more unique and vibrant than what SDL libraries provide, so I gave it a shot. I'm not partial to the outcome and luckly the system works well enough. I keep track of any text that I would possibly display on the screen, and when I want it up, I add it to a queue, which in turn updates my screen and displays the text where, and how I want it. This will allow me to also run animations to the screen when I need them. Which, will come in handy for winning, or announcing the level, etc. The counters obviously work a little different. They are constantly updated once the block's variables become updated. Hit a block, Tick a kill. ;)

In this shot you can see that I have the blocks destroyed counters up and running. The score isn't calculated until the end of that level.

// Action Shot :: Introducing, Blocks Destroyed!

Take care,
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I'm actually not quite sure when I will be releasing Breakout Returns. Next week is my finals week here in school, so I'll be dedicating a good portion of my time preparing for those exams (4 exams). I also need some time for my beta tester to run through the game several times to find any crazy bugs that he may run into.

I want to say by the first week of next month. We'll see.

Thanks for taking the time to post.


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Yes, I'd be really interested in playing this, especially after following its progress in your journal posts :-)

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