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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

Today I've actually got something interesting to show you, so everyone who kept with us during my unproductive timeperiod give yourselves a pat on the back!

Nuclear Cannon Muzzle Blast
As some of you may have seen in Mark's journal, he's been drawing up a blast animation that shows when the Nuclear Cannon fires. It's pretty awesome (although the texture is huge), and it really adds a lot to the coolness factor of the cannon firing, but I digress, behold:

I like it[smile]

Mark and I have come up with a cool system that keeps track of everything you've done in the game, and allows you to see a bunch of numbers telling you how awesome you are. The items we'll be keeping track of include:

-Money Spent
-Money you cost the enemy
-Enemy Aircraft Destroyed
-Enemy Tanks Destroyed
-Enemy Flak Destroyed
-Missiles shot out of the air
-Number of Missions played
-etc, etc

Personally, I think this will be pretty cool, because it gives people a way to see who is the best at the game, which adds replay value.

We're also planning on having medals that you earn for doing certain things, for example, killing 5 enemy aircraft in one mission earns you the Ace Medal. All this stuff is recorded as a statistic, so everyone can compare how good they are. It also adds a bit of a collection aspect to the game, and could even double as part of the Emblem element! Anyways, we were excited about that....

An Actual Game
Up until today, all you do in A22 is start the game, spawn, and blow stuff up until you either die, or quit, so today I set up a mission complete/failed system into the game so that now when you complete a certain criteria (defined in the level's scripting file), the mission will be completed, and after about 4 seconds of flying around with "MISSION COMPLETE" on the screen, the game ends (I don't have the menu system working yet, so I can't go to that yet). Because the scripting system allows you to mix and match triggers and reactions, you can set a bunch of elaborate criteria for Mission completion, or failure. For example, the script in my test level right now has these two events in it, see if you can figure out what they mean[grin]


Pretty simple eh? Of course these could be a bit more complex, as seen below:


In that script, the game checks to see if the game has been running for over 300 seconds (5 minutes), and if so, the mission is complete. Alternatively, if all your buildings are destroyed, its mission failed. This type of script is quite handy for escort missions and "hold the fort" type stuff.

Well, Mark's been hard at work on the new HUD, so maybe we'll have a screen of that in action tomorrow, but for now I'm out of stuff, so I'll talk to you guys later!
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I've already seen the blast in Marks journal, but I have to say, seeing it in game is even better. Is it animated or just a single frame? I really want to see it in action combined with some great BOOM! sound effect.

Good to see that you're finally adding some more meat to the game.

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Looks pretty good. I think it needs a unique sound, such as a really low pitched boom that will rattle the windows. As if it has been fired offscreen (which I think you said was going to happen at one stage).

Keep up the good work

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Yah, it has multiple frames but to spare myself a couple days of mind-numbing MsPaint-Photoshoppery, it's not going to be super-long, and it's going to be partially procedural(ie, Sapo's smoke emitters).
I'm really hoping we can get it working good with all the elements in there to make a kickass 4E5 trailer, and I found some cool sound effects online, so it should be super-awesome...

And yeah, replay value is exactly right, it's something Angels 20 lacked somewhat.

Thanks for the praise, and Weapon HUD tonight!

-Mark the Artist

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I'd say Mark has answered all of these sufficiently, so I'll just say thanks for the nice comments!

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