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War Angels: Weapons

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Poo Bear


Hamish - War Angels

Here's a detailed list of all the weapons you'll be able to use in the game at the moment. I'm pretty happy with them right now so I don't think there will be any major arsenal changes. I did say there would be 40 guns to start with, and I have made about 40, but I feel the game plays much better if I crop out the redundant and boring ones and just have the best. So, here they are -
War Angels Guns

Pulse Pistols - Standard backup weapon, pistols don't perform aswell as full sized weapons but you do get two of them making them a good and affordable complement to some of the bigger weapons. The pulse pistols shoot bolts of energy, and can shoot a charged up shot which is useful against heavy infantry and light armour.

Magnum Pistols - Not as powerful as the pulse pistols, but has a 3-shot burst mode which makes it great for killing waves of soldiers. I think I'll reward players for playing the game with only handguns, Nick and Mark are working on some cool new site features to integrate with our games so players can compete against each other for finding hidden achievement rewards in our games.

SMGs - Weak automatic weapons, but seeing your get two their rate of fire can't be matched apart from the minigun.

Shotgun - Pump action shotgun. Nothing special, but it doesn't need to be reloaded which makes it useful when your other weapons are empty. Shotguns are lethal against infantry but preform pretty poorly against anything else.

Assault Rifle - Accurate and powerful, shoots in three round bursts. Not as useful as other autos against infantry because of its slow fire rate, but its accuracy and damage works well against heavy and elite soldiers. It also has an underslung grenade launcher making it the only weapon with two truly different firing modes.

Machine Gun - Like an assault rifle which spits bullets twice as fast. This makes it quite inaccurate, but you can deploy a tripod which greatly increases its accuracy while making you unable to move. It has a big clip or is chain-fed and doesn't need to be reloaded, I haven't decided yet.

Auto-Shotgun - Shoots 12 shotgun shells lightining fast, dealing a huge amount of damage, enough to kill small vehicles even with the damage penalty shells have against armour. Might even be better for soldiers than the flamethrower. It takes a while to reload though.

Sniper Rifle - Semi automatic high caliber rifle with a laser sight. Unlike most sniper rifles you can fire this one as fast as you want, emptying its 7 bullet magazine in under a second. the bullets will go straight through un-armoured infantry aswell. Its armour-piercing rounds make it extra effective against vehicles, it's weakness probably being large mobs as you have to reload after 7 shots.

Laser Rifle - Another long range accurate weapon, the laser rifle preforms better against armour and doesn't have to reload. It'll be up to the player to decide which rifle they like better.

Lightning Gun - Lets loose bolts of electricity in a nearly 90 degree cone. You can't really aim this thing at all, but it can do a hell of alot of damage if you point it at a horde or stand right next to a tank.

Grenade Launcher - Most games that include a grenade launcher really don't make them worthwhile. You pick them up and go "oh, thats nice" and continue using your assault rifle, saving your grenade launcher for the tough boss battle that never comes. THIS one however is pretty damn versatile, usable against nearly every enemy type in the game. You can fire it in normal automatic mode, or queue up to 4 grenades in the barrel and fire them all at once in a destructive wave of explosion.

Minigun - Fires 3,600 rounds per minute at full speed (which is about as fast as a real one), the minigun shreds through infantry and light armour. It shoots so many bullets you don't really need to aim, but this along with its slow charge-up rate mean you have to buy alot of ammunition, making it quite expensive to maintain.

Laser Cannon - Does anyone find it strange when there's a "laser" in a movie or a game, and it's a ball or beam of light which travels at the speed of a BMX bike instead of 1,079,252,848 kph? Well not this one, it fires a constant stream of hot laser death at perfect accuracy. It really doesn't have a disadvantage so I suppose I'll make it pretty expensive.

Flamethrower - Probably the weapon I spent the most time on, going through at least 9 remakes until I settled on the current version which took six hours to make. Im sick of flamethrowers in games looking and acting like joke weapons (see TFC and ET) so I wanted to do it right. Really good against infantry and can set structures on fire, pretty useless against armour though.

Plasma Pistols - Shoots short range burning green balls of "plasma". Does a huge amount of damage, and I'll probably make the plasma stick to things and keep on burning them after the initial hit.

Pulse Rifle - Another automatic weapon, I really don't know why it's down the bottom. Has two barrels and does more damage than the assault rifle and the machine gun, but doesn't have the alternate fire option they both have. Good if you like things simple.
War Angels Gun Collage

You may have noticed there are no missiles and grenades listed, don't worry because there's plenty of them aswell, but at the moment explosives are classified as 'items' meaning you hit the item button once and fire a grenade or throw a missile. They're support weapons rather than weapon weapons, it makes more sense being able to fire one missile when you need it than using it as a permanent weapon cause they aren't as versatile as a gun eg. they blow up in your face if an enemy gets too close. I'll update on them when I've done some more work on them, I need to put some more items and grenades in the game first. There's also a few more weapons to come aswell.
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I wish I had good sprite artists like you guys.

Looks like good, clean, wholesome fun. This is definitely one I'll be buying.

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<subliminal message> You want to release a demo... you want to release a demo... you want to release a demo... </subliminal message>

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