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Work, and such stupid stuff

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You win some, you lose some.

On the plus side, I was able to hold to my position and refuse the extra job. That wasn't too bad.

On the negative side, the original "short" task I contracted for ended up ballooning into a slightly more involved list than I would have liked, so I haven't technically fulfilled that yet. (You'd think one of these days I'd learn to get specific limits put into writing so I'd quit getting suckered by that; heck, it was one of the primary reasons I decided to quit freelancing.) So I'll have to go back in sometime in the next couple of weeks and finish it up.

Thankfully though I made it clear what my situation was, so I'll basically get to decide when I go back in to finish things.

In the meantime... I'm committing this weekend to taking off entirely with no work, again. If I find the energy to work on stuff like Epoch, I'll definitely go for it, but chances are I'll be doing a lot of sleeping and gaming instead - I've got a lot of non-work to catch up on [smile]
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