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Oh noes.

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Looks like the logic board and the ACPI chip and the little cable that goes to the display is bad. So I guess I have to wait for awhile for the replacement parts to come. Thanks, Quanta! You guys are fuckups.

Since all of my code is on the aforementioned Macbook Pro, and I haven't committed the last week of Glow updates back to SVN before handing it over to the repair shop (d'oh! I realized it right as I got home from the store) I'll have to start on a new project while waiting for my primary project to return home so I can work on it.

So I'll probably be writing something tiny, and then put it on hold when the laptop comes back so I can release Glow (less than a month ETA -- hold me to this).
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All the spooning might've been a clue.

I think Steve's been using a loofah though. His skin is rather exfoliated.

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