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Oh HELL no

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Well, it seems that my bad luck continues to haunt me as today I was told by someone that my rash has the same symptoms as shingles. I seriously hope that this is not the case since not only is it near my eyes (which could cause some serious vision problems), but it could also cause postherpetic neuralgia which is pretty much a constant pain.

I'm going to the doctor's on monday.

Update: Good news is that I have more symptoms of prickly heat (or however you spell it) than I do shingles. Bad news is that (I forgot to say so earlier) my right eye is partially swolen shut (I can't see much out of it) and my left hand is nice and swollen. I don't think I'm going to be doing much of anything for a few days.
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Holy shit man! Hurry up and get rid of that crap! Hurry!!!


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My brother had shingles, you need to get to the doctors as soon as possible and you should be fine. The longer you leave it the more damage it can do. Roll on Monday :-)

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When I lived in North Africa my house keeper got shingles. It did not look like much fun.

Even if it's not shingles, don't wait until monday, get yourself to a doctor ASAP (go to a hospital). If your eye is partially swollen shut you want to make sure you get treatment for anything that could potentially cause permanent damage.

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Original post by Rob Loach
Too many sexual activities for you? [wink]

Damn, you're onto me[wink].

About the hospital, if I went to the hospital they'd charge me for the emergency room again and it'd end up being another $1200. That's if they would even take me since I never called them back after they told me that they want me to start paying $300 a month on my bill.

And, it seems that my family physician or whatnot got hit by a car and is out of comission, so my mom is looking for a doctor that will take me in.

I'm quite baffled by this rash though. The stuff that is on my face is not acting like poison ivy at all. It has bumps, but not bubbles filled with serous fluid. It constantly burns and only feels irritated at times (never itches.) The stuff on my belly however partially looks like poison ivy (some of it has bubbles filled with fluid), but the only time it ever itches or feels irritated is when I have a shirt on. Any other time it just sits there being in the way.

Thanks guys!

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