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Comic-Con so far

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Apparently Capcom are using Comic Con this year as a launching ground for their winter line-up. It's meant to be something special, lots of freebies and a few competitions for collectible game memorabilia. If you get chance it might be worth taking a look :-) Pictures would be cool too ;-)

I haven't seen anything special there so far, but then I haven't had too much of a look at it. I'll try to spend some time there either tomorrow or Sunday and get some stuff. It might have to be Sunday, because the crowds are expected to be massive tomorrow.

Activision have had a large stall for their upcoming Ultimate Alliance, which (if the video is anything to go by) is going to be a pretty cool game. 140 playable super-heros means that nobody will see the final ending for quite some time I think.

I had a quick go at Final Fantasy XII (beautiful, if annoying to me that they have pretty much totally changed the battle system to make it quite a bit more traditional third person actioneer.

I ws also able to sit in to see a sneak peak of Richard Donner's recut of Superman II. They showed about 15 minutes of new footage - one hilarious scene where Lois thinks she has discovered Clark's secret, and the new opening sequence which dipicts the verdict and banishment of General Zod. We've been promised that the new edition will be 80% of the original Donner footage, along with some new footage that was created digitially to act in place of footage that was never shot, but crucial to the storyline. We were told its going to be released November 28th, though it wasn't mentioned if thats a world-wide release of just in the States.

Unfortunately the line for the Snakes on a Plane panel and trailer premiere went from the convention centre to Tijuana and back again, so I hope to have more luck getting into the Spider-man III panel tomorrow, where there is an announcement expected to be made.

To finish, might I just mention that both Bryan Singer and Richard Donner are both wonderfully professional, courteous and polite people in the face of a thousand fans bearing down upon them. It was a pleasure to meet them both today.
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