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Progress Report

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Binding the clientside messages via reflection also was a breeze, so I'm guessing the problems with serverside messaging is just some design foible on my part. Here's some debugging output which lists the generated message handlers.

Client bindings:
void TileGroundCover
void TileTemperature
void TileTerrain
void PathEndPoint1
void PathEndPoint2
void UnitLifeStatus
void UnitLocation
void PlayerName

Now that sending and recieving stuff is working, I should be able to get started properly getting the rest of what I had working working again.

[edit: 12:45 CST]
Knocked up a quick dedicated server/console. Switched the font to 16pt NTR since the 12pt was a little illegible in 1600x1200. The client is simple windows telnet. The actual UI setup and binding to the server was far easier than in the previous revision, so... yay and stuff.

[edit: 2:30 CST]
Added in some factory stuff to allow for object creation messages to be captured.
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