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As anyone who's been reading my journal will no doubt have guessed, I like my 2D games. 3D is nice and all, but 2D games can have a certain style and flair that 3D just hasn't achieved yet. And I'm always on the lookout for new 2D methods and techniques - particularly those which do things differently from the classic sprites and tiles way of doing things.

I also think that 2D gets neglected a lot of the time, as everyone is trying to do fancier 3D effects instead. Which is a shame as theres a lot of potential thats going untapped.

So to get a bit more interest in 2D games I've collected a little list of all the 2D-related journals on gamedev, and stuck them up in my journal header. *points* I only did a quick look around for journals to add (they're all ones I tend to read myself) so I've probably missed some. If you've got a journal related to 2d stuff then stick a reply here or send me a PM and I'll add you right away.
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Now I feel a bit embarrassed that I'm falling a bit behind in my 2D game development [grin].

I'm mainly sticking to 2D because I feel it's easier to make your game have a timeless quality that doesn't age as badly as 3D does. With everyone going for the latest and greatest 3D effects, a 3D game looks aged in a matter of years, whereas a good 2D game still looks good decades later.

That and I'm crap at 3D modelling [grin]

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I thought you were doing something 3d? Didn't you have some kind of radiocity renderer you were working on - I had assumed the GUI stuff was for the same project...

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The radiosity was just me playing around, the GUI is for my 4e5 entry which will be mostly GUI (possibly with a couple of 2D minigames).

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