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Afterimage is gone

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Well, I fixed the afterimage, and have completed all the player code for now. Next I'll move on to the level editor.

Most of the new problems arise from vertical scrolling. Vertical scrolling is something I've never done before in a platformer, so obviously it's going to cause many problems. But now the player code works at least.

On something totally unrelated, the Halo 2 tournament is tomorrow, so wish us luck.
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A couple of months ago, Mark and I entered a Halo tournament with a bunch of friends at the Air Force base I live on. We entered it expecting to just have fun and get eliminated really quickly, but after about 4 hours, we had kicked the asses of every single group of airmen, and the only thing standing in the way of us getting to first place was a group of guys from our highschool... who raped us. So the moral of the story is... look out for the guys from your highschool, they're killers.... or something like that[grin].

Anyways, good luck!

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Yeah, my brother pretty much said the same thing, watch out for the young ones(well, around our age). The tournament is double team elimination, so we have to be more careful not to be killed.

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