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Yet more trudging advancement.

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I don't think I'm going to get to my goal by the end of business today. Looking at it again, the client code is a mess. A number of the orginizational changes are going to make the (little) gameplay code I do have difficult to port. That and I should stop and re-document much of the stuff I did in the past two days.

Still, I am pleased with the progress so far. Things are cleaner, and I've not yet run into any major stumbling blocks or even non-trivial bugs. Granted, I've done almost nothing in the grand scheme of things. I wonder sometimes how better programmers prototype things so quickly. I've got a fairly established code support base, I'm doing something I've coded before, and I'm not fumbling around with language issues (that means you C++!).

Still, the process is pretty slow. Looking through, I've about 300 new lines added (so maybe 100-200 lines of actual debugged code) in about 5 hours, despite some lower than average slacking off. Meh.

Anyways, here's the current status of things. Spawning a server in a thread and connecting to it works. The opening sequence + main menu work. Until I get some actual artwork for my main menu background, I'm using this as a placeholder. Quite effective for testing background loading stuffs too.

[edit: no screenie on second thought... copyright problems]
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