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Playing mime on highway 401

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I've come to the conclusion that everyone here just doesn't see humour in the obscure. I don't have any problem making people laugh normally.

Anyhow, I'm going to be participating in the 4 Elements contest this year. I've never done one of these before so it should prove to be interesting. What might I have in store you ask? Simple. What's more delightful then a childrens game? Who is more easily frightened then a child? What is more perfect then an English museum at night for a good setting? What about a game where you must solve english & math problems (at most a grade 8 level)? I think it sounds good. And the butter in the caek is my family crest, a creepy Cornish crest with two severed arms holding up a severed head.

This is an image I hope some of you know. The title has been done, although I haven't finished the sound so the timing of the fade and lightning aren't refined. Now I'm working on the menu with just standard filler graphics I whipped up, they will eventually be filled with pen and paper art drawn by me (or hopefully someone much more talented).

This will also be my first game using OpenGL.
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I actually made it a while ago a little before I finished Quadris in Photoshop. From what I remember I started with that font as a base, then did a stroke out the outside which outlined it. I eventually attached and filled in the gaps so is became more of a logo imbeded on a plate. On a side file I created a metal texture, adding another layer for little spots of rust; used a burn for it. It was then the background for the "plate", and I eventually added that little tail on the logo to stick the game name. I can't remember all the steps, but I remember using a lot of drop shadows, lighting, burns, and overlays.

I'll check the shop file when I get home.

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