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Working my ass off tryin' to make a deadline.

latest rebecca revision:

age old antiques: running in a higher res, so it looks a bit blurry
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I think you should probably have a dude that has a "Ask me about Morning's Wrath" button ;) I like the art on the wall though. Think about tattering it up a bit though, so it looks a bit more "antique." Like, as if MW happened thousands of years before on another part of the world. That would be pimp.

Or...*gasp*...Malathedra is the MW kingdom! You sly dog you!

Lookin' good.

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The painting is resting on top of the door :-p

BTW why does the angle of the painting, like the frame, just look odd?

But good work, its coming together ;)

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Hopefully the Morning's Wrath painting is a potential inventory item. It's perfect for a variant the classic adventure game inventory joke: "You put the painting in your pocket. Ouch!"

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The art certainly looks good. However, I think the wall decorations would fit better if you rendered the back walls.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


I know it's probably work-in-progress, but that dialogue seems very forced.

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about the dialogue seeming forced:

as I develop the game I just 'bang-out' what i belive the scene needs to convey, it doesn't always come out great. So these are things we revise on later passes.

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rofl! Loved the self reference! *looks at Morning*
hah and it just occured to me, it's Mornings -Wrath- and she looks pretty cheerful :P

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