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more on organization

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huh huh, I said "moron organization", huh huh.

I got all of one comment about how the site will ultimately be organized. It was from Shelly, and she said that the site's actually pretty easy to navigate and that I shouldn't fret over making the site more complicated with a couple of new panels. I just don't want to make the site into one big disorganized sprawl by adding on bits here and there, so I'm trying to keep an eye on the forest while planting the trees.

On that note, the Account O Matic page now has a bit of a back-end. You can now create a new account, although I do exactly zero validation on the stuff you enter. You can try it out if you'd like, although don't make grand plans to grab the most prized usernames (like "confuseboxsuxxorz") yet, as I'll certainly be wiping out the userlist once I get the whole thing working and back-ending properly.

I'm still going in about three directions. Duck Tiles is pretty-much ready, although I'm letting it sit for a couple of days while I think up a few things left to test on it. Bulldozer needs about two weeks' worth of work and some music.

And there's new Daily Puzzles. What I'll probably do is get the Account O Matic working, then make some new games that talk to it rather than the "honor system" that's going now. Once the bugs are out of the account-based system, I'll start retrofitting the existing Daily Puzzles.

Just thought of something the other day. My daughter goes to day-care 11 months out of the year, and her best friend has two mommies. My parents must be so proud :)

Oh, and finally, I need some comments on this. If the daily puzzles on the games pages were organized thusly rather than thusly, would you consider that an improvement or just pointless flashturbation?

Okay, let's be honest. It clearly IS pointless flashturbation to do such a menu, but is it cool?
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Dangit, when you waid "Moron Organization" I though this was going to be another post about RadioShack.

Also, the orbiting icons are cool, but it makes it very hard to clicl on them when they're spinning around like that. ;-)

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Yep that's flashturbation at it's dizziest. I dig creative interface as much as the next gal but that spinning type seems a little vomit inducing.

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Well I like the carousel. I think it needs some minor treaking like slowing down the max speed a bit and having a deceleration once the mouse leaves the "ring".

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Spinny thing is cool - but it's hard to use. It just doesn't intuitively do what I expect it to do when I move the mouse around on it, which is really useless, I know - but I can't really describe what I expect to have happen. The best description I can think of, when interpreted literally, would be total crap, so it's obviously not what I'm actually thinking.

OK, that made my brain hurt. So I guess if you can make it feel more natural, absolutely go for it.

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I'm with the others; it's cool but somewhat difficult to use and doesn't seem particularly intuitive the first time I looked at it, although after a moment I couldn't for the life of me think of how else I'd expected it to function.

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