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About a week ago I got back from the National Youth Leadership Forum: Technology. It was pretty cool. I got to tour the nVidia HQ and listen to a seminar by Blake Ross, who was a great speaker.

I'll be moving to 'bama soon, this friday in fact. I'm in the process of cleaning out my room, throwing stuff away and such. I can't wait, our house will be really nice, and I'll be on the college's fiber optic line, but it will be very fast because the college is so small. The only problem is, the house is being renovated, so we have to stay in an apartment room a month until it's ready. I have lived in an apartment before, so it's no biggie.

I am currently working on a program that is sort of like Rpg maker, one of my favorite things as a 10 year old (that was when Rpg2k came out, I loved it). I have tried this many times before, but I always failed to make my own scripting language. This time, I'm integrating Lua, so that obstacle is no longer present.
Lua is a really great programming language. It's very simple, and pretty easy to integrate. The only drag is that Lua stack, which I find rather confusing. I think there should be two stacks, one for Lua to communicate to C++ with (Writable by Lua, Read-only for C++) and one that is the opposite. I don't like having only one stack for both purposes, I'm never sure whether to pop something, or whether it is automatically consumed. I think the Lua documentation is horrible also. It doesn't even show all the functions, or at least make them easy to find.

I am mapping out what the final project will be like. I want to sell a more powerful version when I'm done. Probably shareware. This would be a really cool thing to complete before I go to college. I could also release the engine itself for free or something.

I am using SDL for Graphics, and probably SDL for sound, except Midi, which I'm writing my own library for that uses the low-level Midi api, and will support lots of cool realtime transformations. I love Midi.

Anyway, wish me luck. I have a hard time sticking with projects, but this one is one that motivates me.
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