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Over 100,000 journal views..

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Yeah, that's right. This journal has reached a bit more than 100,000 views. I am guessing it makes it being one of the most viewed journals on gamedev.net (second or third, i think). See you in a few years for the million :)

In other news, i've been working a lot on a "stability" patch for the combat prototype. I haven't released a news/IOTD yet, due to those issues, but also to the bandwidth quota i have on my website. You'd think 120 GB/month is enough to serve quite a few requests, but i'm always on the edge. I will probably end up hosting all the trailers and combat prototype binaries on some mirrors, at least until next month has come.

I've fixed a lot of bugs in the client's network interpolation/prediction code. Ships are now moving in a more stable way (less zigzags/teleports, smoother paths, no more "random turn arounds") with my 150 ms ping to the server. I'm now investigating a serious memory leak in the client, i fixed a first bug that caused a camera object to be recreated every *frame*, meaning at high framerates, hundreds of times per second. The end result was a constant but sure drop of framerate after a few seconds, until getting 1/10th of the initial framerate after a few minutes. Updating tens of thousands of cameras per frame isn't the best way to maintain a high framerate.

I have a few smaller things to add, a confirmation to quit (escape just exists the program now), a lens-flare effect, etc.. but i hope it'll be ready tomorrow or, at worse, wednesday.
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Wow, A ton of journal views! Haha. I think that puts you in second. Jonhattan has 164,047.

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For you trailers, you should use P2P applications. Torrents are great!

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... and the post about the 100,000th view doesn't even get a cool screenshot!?!

boo! hiss!

haha, j/k. Keep up the great work.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


plus, now the final combat prototype is final out. It is so darn cool!

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Hey Ysaneya,

because I easily forget these kind of things, I thought I'd just post this here:
If you're running short on bandwidth for Infinity, you can use the Minas Tirith project server too. We've got over 1TB/month to spend at the moment (it grows each week or so) and the MT project uses only 10%.
So if you want to use it as a mirror, let me know.


P. Janssen

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