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I suppose it's time I updated this time. Sadly there are no flashy animations or screenshots this week. I have made little progress since the last post as I've lost pretty much all motivation to work on DooM.Net. When I started the project I was excited to be making a .Net port of one of my favourite games, but now I see little point in the whole thing. I'm not going to make software even I wouldn't use. I apologize to those following the project and looking forward to it's release.

But incase anyone should want to keep working on DooM.Net here are THE CODES!!

The aren't ant comments(as I despise commenting) and my naming convention gets thrown out at times, but this is by far the cleanest code I've ever written.

In order to compile you'll need the DX SDK installed(at least Febuary) along with SharpDevelop 2.0 and .Net 2.0. Well you could probably use VCSExpress, but I have no idea how.

OK here's what you have to do to load a level:

1) Add whatever IWAD(Doom,Doom2,Plutonia,TNT) you're using into the directory with the executable(probably bin/debug/).

2) Run glBSP on the IWAD to make a .gwa file(in the same directory). I think Doom.Net only supports Version 2 glNodes so stay away from fancier levels.

3) Start up DooM.Net

4) type "/wad wadname" in the console and press enter. wadname is the filename(without the ".wad" extension), so to load Doom2 you would type "/wad doom2"(without the quotes).

(You might see a bunch of "duplicate lump" warnings here, especially for Doom1 with both the shareware and registered data in the same wad)

5) Next you have to build the wad data into a usable format. Type "/build", press enter.

6) Now to load a map just type "/map mapname"(plus enter) where mapname is the name of the map. For Doom1 it would be e1m1, e2m8, etc.. e = episode, m = map. For the other D2 IWADs it's map01, map20, map30, etc.. just a number from 01 - 32. So for the the first level of D1 you'd type "/map e1m1" and for D2 it would be "/map map01".

Also due to something with my rendering code a few levels cause my video card to explode(nice driver error BSOD + restart). The only one I can remember doing this is Map30 from doom2(the icon of sin), but I'm sure there are others.
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Very sorry to hear that, Scet. But I agree that there's no point in pushing yourself to try to make something that you've lost your passion to create. *nods*

But now that you have a rep for making some groovy stuff, I'll definitely keep watching your journal! What's up next on the gamedev menu? [smile]

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Oh yeah I totally forgot to mention my latest project. I'm going back into emulation land. The platform being ye old GameBoy(it's a simple device with at least some decent games). I've gotten better with design so I think there's a better chance of success with this one(famous last words[grin]). The Z80 and memory stuff will be done in C with Direct3D and the forms done with C#. C# PInvoke is awesome.

Unfortunatly I'm a long way away from screenshots.

Also be sure to read the dumbest thread ever. That's what happens when you neglate other languages for a long time.

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Original post by ScetAlso be sure to read the dumbest thread ever. That's what happens when you neglate other languages for a long time.

Oh, it could be worse. I almost created a thread asking why my curly-brace-filled Python code wasn't working. :P

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Too bad, I was enjoying reading up on your progress.

BTW, don't worry about your silly thread, we all have brain farts sometimes ;)

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After following all your progress and remembering how I wanted to do this myself, it is sad to see your motivation lost. I am highly considering picking this up and continuing where you left off.

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I can see how rewriting an exact clone can be boring so it's understandable, but I will miss reading up on its progress. That's very cool of you to hand over the code though! [inlove]

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Good to see people are interested in continuing the project

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