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About section finished.

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I finished the About section of my website - which means.. it's basically complete! Well, I'll always be tweaking things and whatnot, but I'd say it's generally ready for the "public eye".

Anyway, I really wish I had more feedback/views on my posts (specifically character concepts). I have more things to put on here, but it's not really worth it if no one is even reading the journal.
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I'm regularly reading your journal. But I don't have more to add about your character designs except for "they look pretty good" and "that guy has really orange pants". I'm not sure how much help that is.

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Don't worry about it man, people look at your journal regardless if they post. Like said above, I admire your work but can't always come up with a response you're looking for. If you post more on mine I'll make a conscious effort to post on yours more. [grin]

On a side note, I love the website. I can't explain how amazing it looks, what stunned me even more is that were the same age and both like TMNT. I'll post a picture I drew on my journal, make sure to give it a look. [smile]

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:) I will!

Anyway, I'm basically just trying to attract some attention, only because I'm going to need some discussion about fighter interactions eventually. Though I suppose I could just create..you know..a thread..

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Make sure to send me a link when you do, I'm a really big 2D\3DOrtho fighter fan. Unfortunatly there has never been good fighters for Nintendo systems since SNES. [sad] But it's still good to see that those style of games aren't being changed too much. As for the design of one I'm stumped, so I'd be interested in finding out.

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