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Dear Oliver Stone,

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Dear Oliver Stone,

Let me first start off by saying, I'm a fan of yours. Not a huge fan, but a good fan. You've made some really great films, but also some bad ones. But I always anticipate your films because you tend to pack a lot of hidden things into them, so that multiple viewings always expose more of the movie's intent to me.

When I heard you were making a 9/11 WTC movie, I was cautious. That's some very delicate subject matter, and it's only 5 years ago, so it's all still fresh in our minds. But, I figured, even though all conservative pundits will be freaking out about it, if anyone could do a really good job, you would be high on that list.

But, I fear you've made a terrible mistake. I saw the trailer for this film the other day, and I started laughing. I guess that's entirely the wrong response you intended to get, but I started laughing and I could not stop!

Why was I laughing? Well, the answer is very simple: Nicholas Cage was wearing one of the most ridiculous-looking moustaches I've ever seen. One look at that silly thing, and I couldn't take him seriously. *sigh*

On a side note, wouldn't it be funny if David Lynch or David Cronenberg made a WTC movie?

I can just imagine the Lynchian version; dancing midgets everywhere, hallucinations and flashbacks for the first 95% of the movie, with a plane crash at the end and the terrorists are suddenly transmogrified into the bodies of hot lesbian women starring in a porno flick.

Cronenberg would create some kind of massive dead-body monster who eats all the firefighters.

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I would like to see your Lynch film. I imagine that it would probably star Steve Buscemi as a neurotic air traffic controller who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder ghosts.

I appreciate how we can now laugh at this horrific tragedy thanks to CNN/USGov/rhetoric sucking all of the horror out of it.

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Funny, Shelly and I had the same response to Tom Hanks' hair in that "Da Vinci Code" trailer.

I think that Hollywood has finally realized that you can only go so far with four leading men, so they're just gonna slap some funny hair on 'em and hope you don't realize they're playing the same role as in previous films.

The upcoming Russell Crowe action thriller has Russell wearing a live raccoon on his head for the duration of the movie.

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Original post by Ravuya
I appreciate how we can now laugh at this horrific tragedy thanks to CNN/USGov/rhetoric sucking all of the horror out of it.
I was just thinking about that this morning. I no longer look back at 911 with sadness the way I do the Challenger disaster, and it's mainly because I'm more sad about what we did in response to 911.

Remember when we were the good guys in wars? I wonder if, twenty years from now, the US will still be peppered with invasion apologists or if we'll just be silently ashamed of ourselves like the German people were after WWII.

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