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Geeking out

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Mike Bossy


Last night was the first night in a while that I got home from work at a normal hour. I really should have done some work on my project but I just wasn't feeling up to coding yet. I think I need to recharge a bit. Instead I decided to geek out and get my home network running the way I've been meaning to for a while.

A few months ago when I got my 360 I switched my home server from running Linux to Windows so I could run Media Center and use my 360 as a front end. This is an awsome feature of the 360 and works like a charm. It is as good as any reason to get a 360. Switching to windows wasn't a problem for me as the only thing that I need on my server is my source control database. Since I use Subversion for that I just had to switch to the windows version and everything was cool. The only other difference in my setup was that I no longer had an SSH server running as Windows doesn't ship with one. That's what I wanted to get back up and running so I could access my source depot securely from my local coffee shop.

Instead of just setting up SSH I decided to go the total geek and setup OpenVPN on my server. Setup was an absolute breeze and I now have a secure way to connect to my home LAN from anywhere I want. OpenVPN uses SSL as it's security mechanism so I get client and server validation as well as encryption. It might be a bit of overkill for a one client implementation but I still feel better about it.
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