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i r teh bak

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Well, most of the rash has cleared up and my eye is no longer swollen so I figured my vacation was over.

It seems that I was both right and wrong. It turns out that I have two different rashes. The rash on my face is not poison ivy (I'm 100% positive. No large bubbles of serous fluid or clusters of bubbles) while the stuff on my belly and hands IS poison ivy. So, since I've been treating a heat rash and assuming it was ALL a heat rash, I managed to allow the poison ivy to cover most of the top of both hands as well as my belly and legs. But, they're all still useable so I can start working on Malathedra so that we can meet this deadline. I'm also pretty positive that the rash on my face is a heat rash since it started clearing up as soon as I washed my face with an oil reducer/cleanser thingy (that's how heat rash happens. Your pores get clogged which stops you from sweating.) So, long story short, I am going to be taking two baths a day from now on.

On a work related note, I don't have work for about 2 weeks since my mom is going to be in Florida. YAY! Working today was a major pain in the ass (because of the rashes), but atleast it's out of the way.

I got a new pet the other day. My brother bought a shit-ton of animals a while back (about 12 geckos, 4 spiders, 2 starfish, and a couple other fish), but for some reason they all keep dying off (he has 4 geckos and 1 spider left I believe.) He takes exceptional care of them (they're in a room of their own, away from smoke (cigarette and otherwise), he feeds the right, makes sure they have enough water, etc.) So, he decided to give me one because he thinks it is something in the house. So, I now own a bibron gecko. It's a fast little bugger.

I'll get you some pictures of the rashes as well as my gecko. They're both really cool looking[wink].

I guess I should put some game dev stuff in here. I've been thinking about my 4E5 entry and I'm leaning toward dropping out of the contest. I think I'm going to switch over and try to get some flash style games done.

If I do decide to drop out, I'm going to rehaul DFT. I've got some major functionality issues.

Either way, I'm going to be doing a couple flash-esque games. Maybe a collection of small games or something. We'll see. (While I'm thinking about it, everybody should go play Stagknight. I suck really bad at it, but it's really fun.)

Btw, I go away for just a couple days and GD.net gets dirty?
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