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*harmonica riff*

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So, still no laptop (apparently they can't keep up with the demand for replacement logic boards, as they just discovered Quanta really fucked up [rolleyes]) but I worked on the new immediate-mode GUI module for Propane Injector.

This thing is really nice. You've got buttons and sliders, fully themeable through XML, with a tight immediate-mode GUI.

I know it doesn't look like much now, but I wanted to do it to see if I could start duplicating Programmer16's excellent GUI library with a lighter, cleaner interface. Next up are probably some more useful UI elements, like text boxes, list boxes and dropdown menus.

I've also been playing with learning Erlang. It seems hella powerful but esdl is total shit on OS X.
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I wouldn't bother; I've already got your latitude and longitude programmed into my missile fluffy kitten guidance system.

Also, my library is portable, as you probably can't see from that shot. Therefore it fills a niche your GUI library does not! Muhahaha! Niches!

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Edit3: low blow
If you need any help, just PM me =P.
Edit: Thanks Archwizard[grin]
Edit2: WTF!? I want a fluffy kitten guidance system!

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Btw, does your textbox have a caret and scrolling? If so, how? I just want to... um... compare methods. >_> <_<

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I don't yet have a textbox, but it would be simple to work on. I'd send it key messages. If hot and active, add to the buffer. Draw a caret if hot and active.

As for scrolling I'd have to hook up a vertical slider (also not yet implemented) to the scroll value that I pass to drawTextbox/doTextbox.

I'll see if I can get a chance to make a multiline text box later today, but IMGUI is perfect for this sort of complex test; without callbacks you can handle it rather intelligently.

I'm a HUGE fan of IMGUI. My slider is hella simple.

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Yea, I just realized that you already said you didn't have textboxes. I was thinking the white spot next to the slider is a textbox.

I was actually talking about horizontal scrolling. Vertical scrolling will be pretty easy (since the height for each line is the same), it's the multiple character widths that gets me. But, it looks as if you're using a bitmap font system? I'm thinking of switching back to my bitmap font system since calculating stuff was a lot easier.

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The white spot is just the "brightness" of the slider. I added it in another two lines of code to show how easy it is to work with IMGUI.

It is a bitmap font system (as it's designed solely for games). I want to implement word-wrap.

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