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Inkscape tutorial?

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Trapper Zoid


Note: Since this entry is only shortly after my Red Squirrel post, please don't feel shy about posting your comments on the little guy in the entry below. I'll still read them!

I've noticed there's a few of you in Journal Land looking at Inkscape or other drawing tools recently, such as ArchWizard today. Given I've been playing around with Inkscape for some months now, if there's any interest I could write up a brief tutorial on the process I use to draw Inkscape cartoon characters. I admit I am by no means an expert, but it might be helpful for programmers who are making their own art.

So would any of you be interested in an Inkscape tutorial or character construction walkthrough?
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I'd definitely be interested, and was strangely inspired to try Inkscape by ArchWizards bunny. Given that my art skills stalled shortly after starting pre-school, the only way is up!

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I've been messing arounf with Inkscape for quite a while now, although my own attempts are still far below publically showable standard - I'd love to see some of your thoughts and experiences of how to create characters effectively.

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/me raises his hand.

Love the little cartoon animals. I might have to have you draw a ninja for "Super Secret Ninja Sudoku".

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I would like a tutorial. I'd prefer to get in-depth tutorials on both Inkscape's tools and character creation, but even a few pointers would be great.

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Great! Since there's an interest for it, I might whip together a short tutorial or two. Hopefully they'll be interesting and useful to many. Plus I always find you learn deeper insights about a topic if you try to teach it to someone else.

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