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Dang it!

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So, Photoshop decided to take a crap on me and leave me staring at a frozen application everytime I attempt to load it. I have no idea why, but it just does. So, while I work to find my Adobe Photoshop CD, doing anything on breakout is definitely at a stand still. Though, at least I have finals to worry about.

In my attempts to just create every element of this game (since I lack man/women power), I've been messing around with the keyboard a bit. Allthough the tempo is off a bit here, I'm pretty confident that this sound will make it in the game.

Feel free to check it out. I'm no musical expert so take this stuff with a grain of salt. If you find that it sounds good, feel free to leave a little encouragement. If I violated so many laws of music theory, just go ahead and keep that to yourself. Again, I'm no expert, I'm just very interested in eventually learning how to play the piano.

The sound that makes it in won't be the strictly piano's natural sound, it'll have a different tone.

Preview Sample

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Sounds like classic game music to me. For some reason the combination of the piano and the tune reminded me of the old-school goodness of Amiga games. It sounded loopable, but are you going to add the 'clicks' and whatnot to help induce anxiety as your time runs down?

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