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Hi. Its been a while. How about some updates, eh?

  1. I got my paycheck from Target fixed. I went in, and she (the HR lady) was like BAM! with timestamp documents and claimed that all my hours were there and I was like BAM! with the paycheck documents and she looked over them again and said they agreed with each other and then I asked for a calculator and did some simple algebra and showed that the fundamental premise that they agreed was wrong and she was like "so that means we owe you 2 hours" and I was like "no, that means you fucked something up" and then some other HR person came in and took a look at the documents and was like "lolz guys you didn't pay him a week's worth of pay" and they ended up giving me a document to exchange for cash which I did and now I'm happy but still quitting probably last week so I can play more SCO and this was a longer run-on sentence than .lastburritoforawhile so do I win the prize?

  2. I'm officially a "regular" on the bus around here. The nice bus-driver lady gave me some licorice today :)

  3. Bloody epic battles in SCO - every 100,000 kills nationally, the other nation spawns a mothership deep in their territory that your nation gets to go try and slay (while they attempt to defend). ANI (we) had ours a couple days ago, then BCU (them) had theirs the next day. Both motherships were destroyed. Yeah. We all suck at defending.

  4. Now, okay, lolz, who registered the account 'jsgongwon'? That's the name of one of the GMs/Admins of SCO, and you'd have to be familiar with the game to know that. After doing some googles of possible queries they might have done, I'm pretty doubtful that the real jsgongwon stumbled onto my journal, and decided to register an account. But hey. Who knows? (You guys are looking for that memory leak, right? [wink])

Three days in 2 minutes. A new record for me, I think, if not in any way syntatically correct. Hur hur hur. Going to try to reach level 43 tonight in SCO - still too lazy to post screenshots of EPIC battles.
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Oh fuck, I gave it away. I figured you guys all knew about it already. Pouya'll have my head for this one [sad]

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Thor, first things first: Pool is closed.

Secondly: POOL HAS AIDS.

Thirdly, I found out about the action earlier today or yesterday (I can't remember ok), so... yeah. Take *that*, Genereal Atreides.



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Something funny happened: Mushu was several levels above me and during a discussion, I implied that I-Gear pilots (like me) have to work harder to get kills. He challenged me to a duel and we flew around for a while. Then I hit him with a salvo of missiles and brought him down. After that, Mushu was all "WTF?!" at my awesome powers and I lollered at his hubris.


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Your ANI? I just started playing the game(level 10), and I sided with BCU. Not that I'm powerful yet, I'm still getting pwned by Titanmoths.

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Yes, we're ANI. This means that if we ever meet, it'll be as enemies and I'll have to shoot you a lot.

Unless you made your character on the Hovernmus server, in which case we'll never see each other.

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Yeah, I'm on hovernmus. Trust me, I don't need any Player vs player beatings right now anyways, said Titanmoths already give me enough problems[lol]

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Archwizard - you forgot to mention that I hit you with at least 3x as many missles as you had, and that your armor was significantly weaker than my armor (wtf, I had 25%+ damage absorption!) and that you slew me with a single salvo.

Which, of course, is complete bullshit.

Granted, if I had been using multitarget I could have increased my valid angle a little more and probably have gotten a few more hits off on you. That still pisses me off though. Cunting overpowered I-Gears...

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You're forgetting the fact that YOUR missiles are overpowered in bombing mode. It's not an entirely fair comparison.

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Bullshit. 90% of everything in the game is in the air. And I still can't fire missles out of my ass in ground bombing mode.

Anyway. I'm past 200 kills now so thar.

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