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It is such a shame and fills me with much despair that the three greatest features to be rolled into gamedev capabilities have languished in disuse and done not but gather dust. The features I speak of are:

GDnet Gathering - Random and infrequent. Not everyone would have to attend every monthly session...

Journal Communities - looking at the great disparity of comments, I too am guilty of this, in even the highly interesting posts and journals (whose careful crafting and time spent labouring to satisfaction is evident in their length and structure) fills me with much sadness. This though, I suspect, is due to the nature of a logging journal chronicaling development. Usually you can but say good job and a pat. If there were more contraversial posts or more posts which by their very nature invite comments from those of shared interests, now that would be a different story

style sheets and GDNet skins - lack of skills..and for those who have, too time consuming? Such a shame I say.
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Recommended Comments

GDNet Gathering - If I met an advanced programmer face-to-face I wouldn't be able to hold back the "WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!?" type comments (if we were talking about programming.) And if I met a new programmer face-to-face I wouldn't be able to hold back the "Want me to hold your hand while I'm at it?" type comments. Although I stay inside of my own will, somebody should probably lock my door from the outside to save me from embarassing myself and/or crushing somebody's dreams.

Journal - I agree. Most of the comments I get are either from myself or are on entries about something other than game development. Even asking for comments and suggestions doesn't help. Drawings/art has gotten the most responses by far.

Skins - I agree again. I know how to use style sheets, but I have no idea to test it or whatnot. As for time, I'm working on 2 projects, so I have a shortage of that as well.

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I was thinking of having "Rant Thursdays" in my journal, where I foam at the mouth about one of the zillion things that annoy me about games, gaming culture or game development. However today I'm not really that worked up about anything. Maybe next week?

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