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Weekend Tasks

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Seems as if the weekends are the only real time I get to myself these days; it's a shame most of the time I spend wondering what to do with all this free time.

Here's my programming task list for this weekend:

- Finish small waypoint system
- Investigate work required to implement curved paths
- Add static text, buttons and child windows to the basic GUI system
- Add Xml file parsing to the level
- Add a couple of enemies to test the paths and collision
- Alter the SceneGraph to ensure the camera always works
- Fix up the billboards from work done in previous task
- Spec out the generic particle emitter

- Start writing Part II of the series from scratch (needs reworking)
- Test out the templated JSObject classes
- Add updated rendering code from old version of project

I also need to go to the Gym on sunday and find somewhere nice to go for a walk on my own. Perhaps price up basic mountaineering training at the local climbing wall.

I recently decided to give climbing a go, I'm interested to hear how people found their feet in it.
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