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Evil Steve


TinyXML is nice. It's pretty much exactly how I'd write an XML parser - nice and OOPy. I'm making a light wrapper class around it, since there's some functionality I don't need, and other bits I have cleaner ways of doing.
My GUI window class will be using XML files for it's LoadFromSchema() function.

So I was thinking about quantum physics last night (As you do). There's this effect called Quantum Spin, where you can take one particle (I belive a photon was used in a test), take it miles away (ISTR 7 miles in the test), and then spin it, causing it's sister particle to start spinning at exactly the same speed, in the opposite direction, instantly. In a 2D world, that'd be observed as two 2D circles (on the surface of the sphere) rotating in two different directions at the same time.
I dunno if this has been mentioned before (It must have been, surely), but it's it obvious what's happening? People already think there's more than 3 dimensions to the universe, and the universe has been shown to be expanding in every direction at once. So, going to a 2D version - a 2D world on the surface of a 3D sphere - if the 3D sphere was expanding, then the points on the 2D surface would be moving surther apart. Bump that up a dimension, and you have a 4D (or above) world expanding, causing the 3D points on the perimiter to get further apart from each other.
Back to the quantum spin. If you have a 2D world on a 3D sphere, and you stab a rod through it, and start rotating one end of the rod, the other end will start rotating at the exact same speed, in the opposite direction, instantly.
So surely the two particles are just different ends of the same particle? Think of string theory, where apparently every particle is a string - then all that's happening is the string is getting rotated, causing the particle - which is the 3D representation of an n-dimensional string) to spin.

Anyway, that's my science input for the day. Back to work...
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Original post by ildave1
Wow. My head hurts... I really need to take a Physics course...
I think my brain just works in weird ways. Apparently it's not possible to imagine space with any more dimensions than 3, because the brain just isn't cut out for it, which makes sense.
However, I have no problems condensing things down one dimension and then think of it in terms of 3D space.


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