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Details of yesterday's post

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The map covers an area roughly 50 miles in diameter (~1960 squre miles), and I will be scaling back to ~150 villages. Right now there are 200 in the example. That will space them out, and decrease the possibility of repetition in the town names, sizes, etc.

The user will probably never see the entire map at once. I plan to have the main interface area, in which a village will be represented as a house icon of some kind. Once inside he village everything will be menu-driven, rather than walking around the town. Something like a combination of Ultima IV and Elite.

As I complete more of the game I will re-visit some of these ideas and see if I can add more detail to different areas.

Seeded Pseudo-random numbers, combined with using modulo to keep the numbers within a specific range, have a hidden gotcha: repetition. If you do a little digging in the example I posted yesterday you will see some village names repeated up to four times.

Also: you may notice a pause of a second or two when the Flash movie first loads. This is the game creating 200 instances of the Town object. In the full version of the game there will only ever be one Town object at a time; the object will not be instantiated until the player enters, and it will be destroyed immediately upon leaving. Any persistent data will be saved to a global-level variables.

But this is a minor issue; my theories are still valid, and I will continue to add detail throughout the week.

Next up: Village sizes and available trade goods.
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