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Infinite loops == BAD

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Infinite loops result in some truly unpredicatble behavior. Especially when the infinite loops exists in a script rather than in code.

Basically I had a function (I'll call it FunctionA) that worked something like this...

while ( conditionA is false )
pause execution here

if we got here, then call FunctionB

then in FunctionB I had

while ( conditionA is true )
pause execution here

if we got here, then call FunctionA

So, this worked nice and didn't cause any problems... that is until a different bug somewhere else caused the object that was being tested for conditionA to be NULL.... so now, the while test would be undefined, and the scripts behavior in this case is to keep executing... that's where all hell broke loose and eventually resulted in a stack overflow.

It's a silly mistake, I should've thought about this problem a little longer before I implemented such a bad solution. Oh well, I refactored that piece of code and I'm about to test it.

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