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So, erm, the parts came in for my MBP and the guy is apparently putting my machine together now. Hoorat! This means that Glow will proceed very quickly from here on out, and I will always remember to back up my active projects to SVN. I would not be surprised if you had a copy of Glow in your hot little hands next month, while I throw up in the background from pure fear. What if you don't like my game!?!?

In other news, Ravuyanauts will be pleased to know that I am still working on the Propane UI system. Soon I will have text-boxes and draggable items, as well as cleaning up the interface to make life better for you. Then, it's off to the races for videogame technologies.

Also, tomorrow is my birthday. I hope not to spend much time working, but instead a liberal application of alcohol to the mouth region.
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Two decades of this shit. [wink]

Cue Hattan calling me a foetus in 3.. 2..

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