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pMushu->bankBalance += MAKE_DOLLARS( 511 );

Nothing much else happened in my life today. I mean, I played a little SCO, but there were no huge epic raids or anything today. Some guys from my brigade and I flew into an enemy stronghold (Site of Den B) and got asswhooped, then retreated, then asswhooped them back when they countered, then re-countered and got asswhooped, then asswhooped again on defense, and then we (both sides) were like 'wtf' and tacitly decided to not raid into the defenses of the other.

Kind of a boring, indecisive battle by both sides.

So, I've decided to go ahead and show some pictures of some previous epic battles.

This first image is a screenie of some of the guys in my brigade gathering for the assault on Anubis, the BCU mothership. We've got about 30-40 members in the brigade, but usually there are only 10-12 on at any one time. There were 100+ people on each side during that battle, but I think Archwizard posted some pics up of it, so I won't bother with repeat stuff. We did destroy their mothership successfully :]

The next day we defended Horus, our mothership. Here's a screenie of our defensive grid around the main entrance to the map the mothership was on. We successfully prevented them from doing _any_ damage for the first 90 minutes (of 120 minutes they had to destroy it). Then, fuck, somehow they managed to take the behemoth down in the last half hour. Oh well.

Yeah. That's a lot of defenses. Ultimately, though, they break through, because the attacking force is usually just as large as the defending force. So. The defenses crack, and you end up with something like this -

Crazy dogfighting central, with missles and gunfire everywhere. Its pretty chaotic - there is no "Hey, I'm going to kill that guy" - you shoot whatever the hell is in front of you while you try to evade the crap being shot at you. Here's a closeup of a similar battle -

But yeah. Hurrr.
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How long does it take to level to 20? Is it like WoW where it takes a day of playing or can I manage it on one day?

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Original post by Samsonite
How long does it take to level to 20? Is it like WoW where it takes a day of playing or can I manage it on one day?

You should be able to get there in one day, leveling is faster than in WoW. Also, cool screenshots, I haven't been in any of the wars yet, only duels[sad].

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Yeah, it only takes a couple of hours to get to level 10, then about 4-5 more to get to 20. After that it starts to slow down a little. Or, at least, it did for me because I starting taking part in the warefare (which doesn't yield EXP) instead of grinding levels so much. I've been playing for under two weeks though, and am level 45 now. Hur hur! :D

Takes me about 2 hours of playing to level where I am now.

Oh, and Nation War >>>>>> Dueling.

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Original post by Mushu
Or, at least, it did for me because I starting taking part in the warefare (which doesn't yield EXP) instead of grinding levels so much.

How did you do that? I keep hearing about wars in Den B and Bark, but looking at the SCO's site I can see that from Desert of Ardor (where I spent most of my time) to get to Den B I have to go through:
Bark city
Bark Undercity
Den A
Herremeze relic site
Plain of doleful melody
Crystal Cave
And I get plenty of challenge in Desert of Ardor, when 5-10 Lucanoses chase me (I'm level 25).

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You don't have to go through Bark undercity to get to Den B. The progression goes like this:

Arlington->Edmont Valley->Desert of Ardor->Crystal Cave->Plains of Doleful Melody->Relic Site->Den A->Bark City->DEN B OMG.

If it's such a big deal, you can shell out a crapload of money to warp to a certain map and save some time. I prefer not to because I'm a cheap bastard.

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Yeah, it takes some time to figure out how to effectively get there. The best tactic is to use your boost to the maximum potential, and fly high. Don't just hold the spacebar down - pulse it. Boost for a second or two, then let off. You won't be going your maximum boost speed, but you'll go faster and longer than just hammering it.

Aside from that, I wouldn't actually recommend taking part in the wars until like level 30-35. I mean, you can kill stuff before then but its like

0000 ms: Spawn.
0383 ms: Start getting shot.
0600 ms: See stuff.
0882 ms: Acquire a lock.
1049 ms: Fire a volley.
3938 ms: Get shot down.

From a completely tactical viewpoint, though you're dying pretty fast you're still a very valuable asset - you're absorbing missles so other people can live. Any force is made stronger by adding more cannon fodder. But that's essentially all you are until 30-35+. Cannon fodder.

But yeah. When you're defending its still fun, because you're the one doing the shooting, not the other way around. Going on an offensive as a low-level = ouchies though :X

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